Our Design Opportunities

We have explored a range of options for the future of the site through discussions with Historic England, Westminster Council and other local and political stakeholders. We are now proposing a series of sustainable and high-quality architectural changes, which will ensure that the site will be an attractive building for future commercial occupiers for years to come.

Our emerging design approach will see us extensively refurbish and extend the building, retaining part of the existing structure and delivering:


An upgraded and extended commercial building which maximises potential of the Westminster site for the long term, and is attractive to future, modern occupiers.

Carefully designed facades which respond to the surrounding area and activate Victoria Street, whilst being highly energy efficient to operate.

Highly sustainable redevelopment achieved by retaining 52% of the buildings structure by volume and reusing recycled materials within the Site wherever possible.

Repurposing and reusing the existing large basement area to accommodate most of the plant equipment, end-of-trip facilities and cycle parking for workers in the building

Increased Urban Greening through the introduction of a landscaped pocket park and planted terraces for future occupants to enjoy.

Enhanced public realm and streetscape, with interactive, welcoming ground floor retail sensitively animating Victoria Street.

Reconfigured and replaced cores to meet current building regulations.


The choice of materials and finishes being proposed have been carefully refined to respect and respond to the local context, including in the Westminster World Heritage Sites and neighbouring properties on Abbey Orchard Street and Great Smith Street. Our proposals include the incorporation of reconstituted stone and brick facades.

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