Public Benefits

Our vision is to create a scheme that responds to the context of the area and delivers real benefits for the local community.

These include:

    • Repairing the streetscape along Abbey Orchard Street, making it more pedestrian-friendly to local residents and visitors alike
    • Prioritising low-carbon design and promoting improved operational sustainability by minimising energy use and carbon emissions, and retaining up to 52% of the existing structure by volume
    • Providing a world-class commercial space which will support the economic success of the Central Activities Zone (CAZ) and creating new employment opportunities, including for the local community
    • Introducing a new Victoria Street entrance, improving employee experience
    • Providing multiple end-of-trip facilities (including showers and bicycle storage) for employees
    • Delivering vibrant retail spaces, creating an active street environment along Victoria Street
    • Increasing urban greening and associated biodiversity and the well-being of future occupiers of the building
    • Enhancing inclusivity and accessibility to the building


CGI showing proposals including landscaped pocket park and enhanced urban greening at terraces and upper levels


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