Sustainability sits at the core of our proposals, and we are committed to creating a highly sustainable low carbon building for the future.

In line with Westminster City Council’s retrofit first expectations and approach, we are committed to retaining and reusing on-site, as much of the existing structure, facades and fabric as possible.

Despite our previous plans to retain approximately 60% of the existing structure, through investigative works it became clear that elevated chloride levels (salts)  was found within the concrete throughout the existing structure of the building which have caused significant corrosion and will continue to do so. 

This means we will not be able to retain as much of the existing structure as previously thought. Continuing to prioritise sustainability, our updated plans will therefore include removing all compromised structures while continuing to retain 52% of the existing structure by volume. The new plans for the site will be delivering a scheme that will perform more efficiently than the previous scheme, over the long term.

We are actively pursuing opportunities to recycle and reuse materials, as well as minimising waste from the existing buildings, and have adopted a greener and leaner strategy throughout.

We have adopted a series of important design principles that will guide our approach to sustainability throughout this project.


Sustainability Credentials

We are committed to meeting and surpassing industry standards for sustainability and quality. Our designs aim to achieve high ratings in internationally recognised certifications:


A BREEAM rating of excellent

Aspiring to Well - Gold

EPC rating A

Wired Score – Platinum

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