Our Vision

Our vision remains to transform 1 Victoria Street by delivering a sustainable, commercial building, offering high-quality office accommodation, with active retail on the ground floor along Victoria Street.

With excellent public transport links, our plans will seek to enhance the local streetscape using best-practice low-carbon techniques whilst respecting its extremely sensitive historical context and contributing to Westminster City Council’s vision for the future of the area.

Our updated plans for the future of  1 Victoria Street include: 

New high quality and flexible office spaces to support new employment opportunities following delivery.

Retention of 52% of the existing building’s structure by volume, whilst introducing a respectful new design with facades which respond to the surrounding context, including the neighbouring World Heritage Site.

Extensive public realm improvements and the introduction of planting on the corner of Great Smith Street and Victoria Street.

• Improving the interaction of the site with the public realm by removing the compromised existing structure, which will allow us to reduce massing at the west end of the building, giving more space for public realm and greening.

Significant new urban greening at upper levels and on the corner of Victoria Street and Great Smith Street, as well as new terraces which will be accessible to future building occupants.

Extensive new cycle parking supported by end-of-trip facilities for future tenants.

Active frontages on Victoria Street.

Low Carbon Design with new highperformance facades to promote operational sustainability.

Removing some of the existing above ground structure will allow the design of the building to follow a more regular structure which will reduce massing at the west end whilst having a minimal impact on the proposed appearance

Lowering the upper ground floor raised area to match the Victoria Street pavement. This will improve the accessibility and future flexibility across the ground floor by reducing the number of level changes.

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