History of the Site

The creation of Victoria Street dates back to 1834 and the Westminster Chambers building occupied the site from 1863. In 1946, plans were developed for a new building on the site, following some damage during WWII.

In 1960 the Westminster Chambers was demolished in its entirety, and a new building was constructed in its place, with 1 Victoria Street completed and occupied by the Board of Trade in 1965. A further refurbishment and extensions took place in 1996, delivering the building you now see on the site.

In 2013, the site was acquired by Mitsubishi Estate London and it is currently the headquarters for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy which has advised that it will be exiting the building in January 2024.

Construction of the existing building in 1960

Current Site

The existing building at 1 Victoria Street was completed in 1965.

The site is in a prominent location, adjacent to the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St Margaret’s Church World Heritage Site. However, there are several issues that mean it is outdated and in need of investment. Cumulatively these issues pose challenges for the future of the site, and Stanhope on behalf of the Mitsubishi Estate London  are developing proposals for its future.

These challenges include:


Poor operational sustainability credentials which mean that it fails to meet incoming EPC operational standards.

A design which is unsympathetic to its context, particularly the neighbouring World Heritage Site and residential properties.

A lack of urban greening.

A hostile and defensive approach to the public realm, particularly on the corner of Victoria Street and Great Smith Street. As well as 212 meters of galvanised metal fencing around a sunken service yard and car park entrance opposite residential homes on Abbey Orchard Street

Poor-quality office accommodation with an absence of end-of-trip facilities (i.e. showers, changing rooms, bike storage etc).

140 metres of inactive, repetitive frontage at ground floor on Victoria Street.

A large and underutilised basement space which has 113 car parking spaces that are no longer required.

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